Family Relationship

When we adopt a new culture, we could learn so many new things from them and opposite. And you must change yourself to adopt the new environment. But there is something that never change wherever you live in. And that’s Family
All of Asia, especially in Vietnam, Family is always the first thing that you need to remember. Family has always been a very important part in everyone’s life. They are always there if you are in trouble or need help; if you need someone to talk to, they can listen to you. They can do whatever you need and always support your back. In Vietnam, we have a big family live in the same house. In the morning, parents and older people go to work, children go to school but in the evening we sit in the same table having dinner together almost every day. Then we will sit around with everyone just watching TV, chatting about anything and everything, catching up on what everyone has been doing in a day. Children are always taught to respect their parents, grandparents and the elders not just people in their family.
Even when we turn 18 or older, we still live with family until we get married. A woman must follow her husband to his house but a man stays and take care of his parent and his wife will take care of her husband’s parents like her parents.
Besides, there are many benefits from living together like: Family members can take care of the others. Grandparents can take care of the kids when their parents go to work. Parents pay the bills (water, gas, phone, cable, school fee for kids….). Everyone has their own work to do and we support each other that way.
So we have very close relationship between each member in a family. Even we have two or three generations live in the same house. That’s the special in Vietnamese’s   life. In America, it’s never happens. Although, there are some inconveniences and some problems by living together but we almost get through it.. That’s why in Asia family is the most important.