Family Rape Case

Family rape case

I have just been assigned a case involving rape; during my evaluation I discovered the rape involved a member of the victim’s family, first I will, Define the problem, then determine who should be involved, Identify available alternative solutions to the problem, Evaluate the identified alternatives, Make the decision, Implement the decision, Evaluate the decision.
Define the problem: at age 7 her grandfather molested her. He made her perform sexually acts to him & he did the same to her. Even though she was 7 she still thought it was her fault. But stated that if you were to ask me if this happen to another 7 year old, she would tell you that it's not his/her fault. She felt that’s just something that goes along with being molested or raped. When she was a little older 13 she was raped, by some guy. He was a known pedophile. She was really scared to tell anyone because of the issue with her grandfather. People didn't believe her, they said she was lying. Teachers, some family members, and folks she didn't even know. She was yelled at, questioned over and over. And she knew that if she told anyone about this rape she would have to deal with the same thing. So she didn't, but people did find out, and the same things happen to her they did not believe her. Until people started finding out whom he was, then it was maybe she is not lying. She thought for others it was easier to tell the person you love they are lying then to believe that something bad happen to the person you love.  
Then in her preteen years after dealing with being Molested and Raped; she just couldn't cope, didn't do well in school. She acted up, lied, mistreated people and anything else. She didn't want to live, she attempted suicide twice. And as you can see that didn't work out for her, because she believed God had a plan for her and she intend on doing that. She was doing better even thought She was taking "Baby steps" any steps toward making a change is great.
Then at the...