Fallen over (You), the Love Affair

''SHE IS UNGREATFUL, STUPID, CRAZY, AND WORTHLESS!!!! SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE NOW!! ITS EITHER ME OR HER`!!" screamed Carren. Dean just sits there in awe, he never thought he would see the day that Carren would not trust him. He also didn't expect to get caught. Everyone at the long, beautiful, Mahogany, Martha Stewart limited edition, table full of food that the mothers have been working on for the past 3 days, didn’t dare to move.
Its a family get together, the family hasn’t all been together like this in such a long time, years. Its at the old house, Dean and Sam's parents home in Bluffton, South Carolina. Full of family, childhood memories and friends. The place where everyone remembers running through the halls and playing in the yard. Seeing the windows open and the wind blowing through, seeing the beautiful lennon curtains frolic in the wind. The smell if french vanilla froths through the noses of everyone in sight. Even now with all the family and close family friends grown, that’s all anyone can remember, that masterful beauty of peace.
Now there were a lot of family and friends, way to many to name. But there is a specific group that seemed to always catch everyone’s eye. They we Dean & Sam (who were brothers) Jasmine and Joi (Who were sisters) and Phil and Lilith (who were brother and sister) With Lilith being the quietest of them all. Now out of all the kids, they were all just friends, no person besides their siblings were related by blood. As far as relationships went, Sam and Dean were brother and would never put anyone else in front of each other, but other than Sam, Deans best friend was Lilith. But Dean had always been in love with Joi, and she felt the same way about him. The problem was she didn’t know that dean felt the same about her, no matter how much he tried to show her.
Now Sam's love story was totally different. Sam was in love with Jasmine, Joi's older sister, and she knew it. Sam and Jasmine confessed their love for each other long ago,...