Fall the Tsar 1917

Downfall of Tsar 1917
How far do you agree that it was the misjudgments by Nicholas II after 1911 that caused the collapse of tsardom in 1917? [20]
Many factors contributed to the fall of the Tsar, which led to the end of the Romanov family, who had ruled for three hundred years. Much of this was because of the tsar’s own misjudgments and his personal failings. However, there were many other factors as well, such as the autocracy, the World War I, the military failures once the Tsar took personal command, the role of Rasputin and his poor ministers. Examining all these reasons, it must be noted that each of these reasons resulted because the Tsar was unable to handle them. If he had taken control of the situation better, these reasons would not have risen to the prominence that they did. Therefore, arguably, the most prominent factor in the fall of the tsar was the ineptitude of the Tsar himself.
The personality of the Tsar Nicholas II was often described as charming but weak. Nicholas’s misjudgments that played an essential role in the collapse of the tsardom, especially his failure to see the need for reform and concessions. This is evident when the Duma was called in 195 but the tsar was not willing to cooperate with it. However, the situation of Europe must also be taken into consideration. The chances of any such hereditary autocracy into the 20th century were low and were continuing to decline. Therefore the weakness of Nicholas undoubtedly affected the effectiveness of a system, which relied so heavily on one person, but the character deficiencies need not have been fatal to the survival of the regime. What brought them into focus were the changes and challenges occurring in Russia in the early 20th century. Therefore it can be said that the tsar was the wrong man at the wrong time.
The war revealed the political ineptitude of the Tsar. The Duma after seeing Russia’s poor military performance, demanded it’s own recall. Nicholas bowed before the pressure...