Fall of Rome.

A lot can be contributed to the falling of Rome but I have decided to use four separate parts based on some research I have done. The first part being on religion, as Christianity was getting popular peoples thoughts were obviously influenced by the religion. The second section would be the emperors, or the lack thereof an efficient one capable of running an empire. Inflation is also a contributing cause of the fall of Rome. Dictatorship also had a huge say in the fall of Rome.
              In 100 BC dictatorship had just started in Rome and it greatly affected the lives of the common people. The farmers were prohibited from leaving the land they were farming or they would be punished if they did so. If you had a job you had to stay with the same one, you were prohibited from changing professions. If the person had children, they too had to stay in the same profession. The town had to make the payments that were set, even if they had not collected enough money. The laws were not accepted by many people so they naturally didn’t have the fear of being caught which caused unrest.
                With the rise of Christianity the thoughts of people had been changing. They wanted to be better people therefore do good things. This radical mindset made people not want to join the army because they didn’t want to kill people, whereas the barbarians didn’t care and killed at will. During the rise of Christianity there were multiple civil wars and outside attacts.
                There came a time where the emperor was not selected by qualification but on the basis of money. In essence the highest bidder gets the throne. In the next several years the armies of these emperors started assassinating them because of the greed. The emperors only wanted to live in riches. They spend all the money on amazing places and temples and basically wasted all the money on things they didn’t need. They had no care about the people or how to strengthen the army....