What do you think of the false degrees that many of our politicians hold?  Is this a good thing or bad thing and why?  How do they get these false degrees?  What can be done to stop them from getting these degrees and using them for political gain?  Or does it matter that they have these degrees?  Does it make a difference in what they do or don’t do or the country?  Can you respect someone who uses false papers to gain a position?


    What role does the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan play in stopping the acceptance of false degrees?  Are they being effective in what they are supposed to do or not?


False degree of the elected members of assemblies is one of the hottest topics in year 2010. Some politicians accepted this crime during hearing in court and they immediately resign from the membership of assembly seats. Alas! Election Commission of Pakistan did not raised objection on their fraud and accept their nominee papers during submission time. So, they are again reelected in elections. Politicians said they are most favorites in their constituencies but no one favorite in Constitution of Pakistan.

A favorite man is a role model for followers and these are never allowed to show illegal degrees for election. A sincere person obeys the principles not the desire of their followers. Quaid-e-Azam is the man of principle not the father of desire daughter.

False degrees are not favorable action for politician’s political career and it consider as serious crime under the fraud with nation. Each university should take serious and result-able action under the university against these criminals.

Fake degree to get through any way it’s never an appreciate-able action. It’s shameful for the Pakistan’s political system and educational system credibility and creates the dissatisfaction in the society.   Well educated unemployed youngsters may be frustrated through these scandals. Most of the masses thought that they can get...