Fake Will

Part 1. Personal Information
I, Willa Willmaker, a resident of the State of California, Alameda County, declare that this is my will.
Part 2. Revocation of Previous Wills
I revoke all wills and codicils that I have previously made.
[This provision makes clear that this is the will to be used -- not any other wills or amendments to those wills, called codicils, that were made earlier. To prevent possible confusion, all earlier wills and codicils should also be physically destroyed.]
Part 3. Marital Status
I am married to Bob Willmaker.
[Here you identify your spouse if you are married -- or your partner, if you are in a registered domestic partnership, civil union or other marriage-like relationship recognized by your state. ]
Part 5. Pets
I leave my Boston terrier, Clementine, and $1,500 to Jenny Amigo, with the hope that the money will be used for Clementine's care and maintenance. If Jenny Amigo does not survive me, I leave Clementine and $2,000 to Bob Smith, with the hope that the money will be used for Clementine's care and maintenance.
[Here you can leave your pet to a trusted caretaker. You can also leave money to the caretaker with a request that the caretaker use the money for your pet's care.]
Part 6. Disposition of Property
A beneficiary must survive me for at least 45 days to receive property under this will. As used in this will, the phrase "survive me" means to be alive or in existence as an organization on the 45th day after my death.
[This language means that to receive property under your will, a person must be alive for at least 45 days after your death. Otherwise, the property will go to whomever you named as an alternate. This language permits you to choose another way to leave your property if your first choice dies within a short time after you do.
This will clause also prevents the confusion associated with the simultaneous death of spouses or domestic partners, when it is hard to tell who gets the property they have left to one...