Failure of Reconstruction

Failure Of Reconstruction

The US Reconstruction, a time period of rebuilding America’s nation from 1865-1877. The Reconstruction was the aftermath of the Civil War. After the war, the Union needed to effectively bring the South back into the country on equal standings, revive their economy, and rebuild shattered land. However, divisions in the federal government over Reconstruction caused a failure to achieve these goals. Many may say all that happened within the time period of the Reconstruction allowed it to produce benefits and make America better than before, but I for one say issues like the lack of protection for freedman and racist whites not allowing freed slaves equality are significant factors that landed the effect of the failure of Reconstruction.
The lack of acceptance in Southern states on the newly freed African Americans shifted a toll for the whole country. Although African Americans were considered as free, others who were not a minority [Whites] tried to hold on to all power as they could. Many started to become violent towards the newly freedmen and began to lead many into fear. The violence towards African Americans were made by the events planned out by former slave owners, who felt as though their power was beginning to really drain, sometimes on their own say so.
The end of the Civil War and the Reconstruction of the South attempted to address some of the social concerns of the freed slaves. Really all it did was very little to make blacks equal to whites. An issue like   protection, of African Americans in the South became a problem. As violence to the people who had been allowing them political and new-found rights tactics resulted in a fail. The federal government’s part in the equality of African Americans did not last. Laws denied freed blacks ability to do much and to make sure they were allowed into the working field just as other whites now that slavery had been abolished. These laws were considered Black Codes. According...