Failure of Fatherhood

ID#: 1393578
Paper #3: Proposal
English 1123-05
Professor McCormack
11 March 2011
The Failure of Fatherhood: Three Solutions
In life we face countless challenges and adversities that, by ourselves, seem almost impossible to overcome. In the ideal all-American lifestyle the fathers of this world are there to help and guide their children through these stressful predicaments, but sadly that is not reality in most cases. In a world full of sinful desires and distractions most children find themselves relying on their own actions and limited experience to get through the hardships of life. Although mostly everything that happens in life is based off of our own actions or decisions, the children without guidance do not have a male figure to rely on or to ask questions about their struggles throughout life. Many children on this earth grow up without a father or with a father in a bad lifestyle or situation. These children are struggling through their daily experiences while their father is either not there or wreaking havoc upon their life. The fact that some fathers choose to indulge in alcohol, drugs, or other filthy habits instead of being there for their children is quite astonishing. Although those fathers may not be in their children’s life, the fathers that are causing physical or mental harm to their children by abusing them is not any better. Only God knows where the rest of the lacking father’s are. While they are off doing as they please, without a single thought or care about the child they abandoned, their child lives each day without knowing where or even who their father is. A child needs a positive influence in their life and the father’s lifestyle and morals, no matter if they are positive or negative, play a colossal role in how their child will live their own life.
Reb Saunders as the Solution
Reb Saunders, a man of great faith and wisdom, is a father with many different views of how to raise his children. He is a very powerful and respected...