Riordan Manufacturing
As already discussed, Riordan offers a specific service of plastic injection moldings that have a large clientel base. Although the existing site needs an overhaul there are some good strengths and benefits that should be taken into consideration. For example, the existing website offers a simple easy to understand format. Also, the website uses links and page tags to distinguish where to navigate when looking for a specific operation. Additionally, there is a sufficient amount of white space used in the current design that shows a simple practical approach to advertising. There is an internet and intranet section to separate company and public information.
Other strengths of this website include proper highlights and history on each page regarding subject matter. Within each link shown in the intranet tab there are subcategories to provide in-depth information concerning each topic. Coloring and the font used on each page is modest and easy on the eyes when reading. And finally there is a home tab feature that will give the person navigating a way to start back at the beginning. System design will follow an iterative approach across different phases of the project development; consequently, following such an approach will allow incremental changes throughout the project. One of the most imperative stages of design is being able to validate the overall content of the website.   The use of pictures, graphics and links will provide users with a visible site to use.   The use of proper website modeling techniques will ensure the information gathering process solicits the required specifications for a fully functional website.   By carefully benchmarking achievements throughout the design phase of the projects lifespan will provide a measure for validity and success.   Further success will depend on the recruitment of qualified technical writers and developers to generate ideas and verify the integrity of the data being configured on the site....