Factors to Consider When Promoting Effective Communication

There are many factors to consider when promoting effective communication
1. active listening which is giving 100% attention to the other person and for this to be effective you need to ensure you   face the speaker, maintain eye contact that is comfortable for all and make sure what is going on around you is kept to a minimal eg   lower the nose level so if tv on
Topic 2 Assignment 301 Communication
turn it off   .To make sure that you are actively listening   remember SOLER  
S- Sit squarely in relation to the person
O-Adopt an Open posture , no arms folded
L-.Lean slightly towards the person to whom you are listening
E-Eye contact – maintain good eye contact.
R - Relax – it is important to sit still without fidgeting as this can distract the other person.
2.The type of questions that you ask -this can be open or closed. An open question usually starts with 'why' or 'what' and always remember to give the person time to answer.A closed question is one like 'how are you 'and   just requires a one or two word answer but does not invite conversation
3.Body language -Observe the whole person, but be aware that in some cultures avoiding eye contact can be seen as ignorant while in others making eye contact can be seen as offensive.
4.Facial expression -you can tell a lot from the expression on some one's face
5.Voice - You can tell a lot from the way a person   speaks e.g   if someone is speaking quickly they may be excited or anxious, and if someone is using a monotonous tone they may be feeling low.
6.Gestures - These can help understand what a person is saying although some gestures may mean different things in other cultures .some cultures find it rude to show the soles of their feet or give the thumbs up signal so it’s important to be careful to avoid misinterpretation.
7.Don’t judge and don’t assume what someone is saying.To acknowledge what the other person has said without appearing to judge them and not making assumptions is very important. If you...