Factors and Forces

Howling Wolf Drawing
Ricky Thomas
Art 101
Macaela Carder Whitaker
May 7, 2015

In comparing Howling Wolf drawing to John Taylor drawing there were many things to take into count to make the first drawing more honest. I gathered that when scanning both pictures John Taylor left out the fact that there were more women at the treaty signing. Howling Wolf draw Illustrations of women that had their hair braided. This showed that plain warriors had committed themselves to them. There were other parts that showed women in different spots by the river as well. He showed the women that were sitting by the teepees with their backs turned to the viewers. They were all dressed in their formal attire. This showed us the viewer that women were important in the plains society.   Now in comparison to John Taylor’s drawing he only showed one woman being there to witness this event. Howling Wolf took time to draw us a detailed picture of the event which many believe was dominated by native women so we have to believe his picture is the more honest of the two.  
I feel that John Taylor only drew what he witness from his view point. We can tell by looking at his drawing that he only drew the people that had something to do with the treaty signing. So the only woman that he drew was Mrs. Margaret Adams. She was there to interpreter for the Arapaho. I feel that both artists draw the event from the view point they had. If we compare both pictures I feel that Howling Wolf had to be farther away from the view signing. He was able to draw the creek as well as the women next to their teepees with their back to him. When you look at John Taylors drawing he must have been closer to the people that were signing the treaty. Now by saying all of this I don’t feel that he deliberately didn’t draw the other women that Howling Wolf drew I just feel that he only drew what he viewed from the spot he was at.
How can we really know why one artist drew the picture without the women in it? We have to...