Facility Mgt

1. Support Services and Options for Delivery
      2.1 A Description of the Typical Range of Services

A selection of services has been apparently observed encompassing the notion of facilities management in all sectors of public, private and the modern day
Most commonly, this selection of services has been observed to entail day-to-day services like cleaning, waste management, purchasing, managing finances (payments), security as well as general building maintenance and strategic services such as facilitating the management to make effective decisions with the objective of the smooth functioning of the University or charity organisation. The other strategic services of facilities management include fostering teamwork along with innovation, enhancing operational efficiency and developing the overall performance of the workforce. In the University campus, the services encompassing facilities management are commonly identifiable in terms of messenger/ mail room service, student support helpers, and catering. In this regard, messenger/ mail room services generally include gathering and circulating internal university related mails from the mail room as well as operating a small mail processing unit for outbound mail or parcel . Student helpers are generally support students and other visitors requesting for information and needing directions while the catering services generally provides subsistence for the entire University. (University of Huddersfield, 2013).  
      2.2 An Explanation of Different Options for Delivery of Support Services
After acquiring a brief idea about the range of support services encompassing the dimensions of facilities management, it is quite crucial to acquire a brief idea about the accessibility of different options for the deliverance of such services. It can be apparently observed in this similar concern that multiple options are readily available for the deliverance of support services to the institution. These options...