Facilitate Learning and Development Activities to Meet Individual Needs and Preferences

Facilitate learning anddevelopment activities to meet individual needs and preferences
Lo1 - Understand the role of learning and development activites in meeting individual needs.
1.1 - Describe the benefits to individuals of engaging in learning or development activities.
There are many benefits to individuals engaging in learning activities or development activities. Learning and development does not have to be hard work and a chore, it can be fun. Apart from the benefits of being able to do something or knowing about something and learning new skills and knowledge, learning or development activities can have many benefits for the individual which include; physical, intellectual, emotional and social benefits.
Physical benefits - inactive physical activities can put you at risk of developing coronary artery disease and other factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and may even result in diabetes. Some physical activities help build muscle strength whilst others can increase endurance. Physical activities help the heart by making it work harder and more efficiently both during exercise and resting. By exercising more frequently, this can also help to improve your mood by making you feel happier and healthier.
Intellectual benefits - the brain is a muscle and a vital organ that learns and grows by interacting with the world. The brain needs lots of stimulation to help improve the functioning. Activities which stimulate the brain through learning can improve knowledge and understanding on facts and everday information. Brain stimulation activities can also help students in school or college to have a better concentration level and take in more information that they will learn to remember which in the long run, will help them when sitting exams such as Alevels and GCSE'S. These activities may help many people to perform better under pressure and when they are completing tests as they will become more mentally alert and may have an...