Argumentative Essay – Facebook
Should the German Government strictly regulate Facebook and Google’s use of your information or is their use of your information simply the cost of your user access to their websites?
Construct an argumentative essay to answer this question referencing the two articles you were given on the topic.

This essay will argue that the German Government should strictly regulate the use of information by presenting arguments in favour of this thesis, debilitating a counter argument and referencing the articles “Facebook’s Targeted Ads Expand To The Web” by Vauhini Vara and “Germany’s War with Facebook and Google over Privacy” by Heather Horn.
Facebook and its broad collection of Facebook user’s data rises privacy concerns. When a person registers, they agree with Facebook’s privacy agreement and allow them to use their data for customized ads and other apolitical purposes that are mentioned in the agreement. But also when someone isn’t registered logged in, Facebook tracks which sides this person visits and saves this data to present them with personalized ads – same as Google. Vara states that Facebook uses people’s names and friends to make an ad more believable. Here, there is the possibility to opt out by following a very difficult path through the personal settings. But this only means that the ads won’t be seen anymore. Facebook will still collect personal information and store all that data. It is really hard to get insight in that process and what really happens with the collected data.
Facebook and Google Street View both assume that people consent to their terms and actions and make it consciously hard to decline. The opposition to Google Street View that led to the abandonment of the project’s German branch that is mentioned in Horn’s is an example for a reaction to this assumed consent. When a house owner didn’t want their house on Google Street view, they had to file an extra form during a given period of time to deny...