Facebook Use Underage

Facebook Use Underage, the Ethical Dilemma
Sherry Manley
January 25, 2016
Janet Evans

Facebook Use Underage, the Ethical Dilemma
As a parent, I’m sure you’re curious as to how the underage use of Facebook is actually an ethical problem?   I can fully understand that.   Who can it hurt, right?   It’s just a social way of people keeping connected with friends and family, right?   Wrong, very wrong.   In fact, in the next few paragraphs I will go over the ethical dilemma, the moral dilemma, and so many reasons why underage use is wrong, how it can be hurtful, and even dangerous to our young children today.
Let’s cover some ethical issues of allowing your child who isn’t 13 years old to have a Facebook account.   First, in order for your child to have that account, they would or you would have to put in a fictitious birth date.   Well, in doing that act you are not really using critical thinking.   If, in fact, you had thought through that process, you would realize you are not only lying, but teaching your child to lie and commit a crime all in one simple action.   Herein lies the ethical situations.   So, we have lying, teaching your child to lie, committing a crime (albeit a little one), but a crime none the less, which, in turn can teach your child if it is alright to do those little ones, bigger ones might be alright as well.
The dilemma in all of this is quite simple, your child may want or think they need a Facebook account for games or to keep in touch with friends, but in reality, they are too young for the responsibility of such chaos.   Because of that little lie that you helped in, that Facebook account is opened.   Now, your underage child’s information from that moment on is collected.   “COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) would otherwise prohibit that action, without explicit parental consent. Second, rather than providing parents with additional mechanisms to engage with sites honestly and negotiate the proper bounds of data...