Facebook - Motivation

FALL 2010

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook was a young intelligent man who started, Facemash, the predecessor of Facebook. It started of in October 23rd, 20003. It started of by using pictures of students attending Harvard University, placing two pages next to each other one had to rate, which one is hotter. The website turned out to be a huge success within a few hours of its operations, but was eventually closed down due to its content which harmed emotionally a number of students.
With this idea in mind, Mr. Zuckerberg was motivated to start a website because of an article relating to his previous website “Facemash”. This new website would link all college students to one another, share photos, post things on their wall and share information. With that, he started “TheFacebook” on February 4th, 2004. On March 2004, Facebook operated in a number of universities such as Stanford, Columbia and Yale. Zuckerberg saw that this could potentially lead to an explosion of potential members, so he turned his operations inside out, and opened an office Palo Alto with the help of “PayPal”. Eventually Facebook became a hit, and almost every young adult owned an account with Facebook. Within a few years, Facebook’s revenue grew to 15 billion dollars. Eventually Facebook went global, and for most young adults it turned out to be a way of communicating with one another, by sharing pictures, information, wall posts, news etc…
Just recently Facebook reached its goal of 500 million members. Mr. Zuckerberg inspiration helped him succeed to be a multi billionaire. But money wasn’t the most important thing for him, for him it was creating a website where there is a open information flow. He has the potential to turn his website into a even huge success by having advertisers pay millions of dollars to put a ad in their successful website, but to him that’s not what he wants.
“I guess we could ... If you...