Face and Body Report Hnd Beauty

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Introduction page 2
Galvanic (face) page 3-6
High frequency page 7-11
Vacuum suction (face) page 12-15
Galvanic (body) page 16-19
Faradic page 20-23
Vacuum suction (body) page 24-26
Paraffin wax page 27-29
Infrared page 30-32
G5 page 33-35
Audio sonic page 36-38
Bibliography page 39


As part of the HN Face & Body Electro-therapy assessment this report will be describing, each piece of equipment for the use in face & body electro-therapy. It will covers how each piece of equipment is used, the current each of the machines uses. It will describe the physical effects each may have on the face and body. The timing, duration and sequence of each treatment. The correct cleaning and sanitising of each piece of equipment. It will demonstrate the health & safety legislation that are relevant of each machine.

Galvanic (Face).

Overview of equipment
A galvanic facial treatment is given by the use of a self-combined machine. The machine plugs into the main electricity, the machine produces low direct current as well as on\off switch. The machine has 2 electrodes, one which is positive this is called a anode and the other which is negative, is called cathode. The machine has a red pin & two black pins. One of the pins is attached to single electrode which the client either hold in their hands or it’s placed under their shoulder. The other two electrodes s attached to the positive (red) and other negative (black) which is attached to single electrode which as rollers for the use in a facial treatment. The machine has an intensity control which is controlled to indicate current flow. It has polarity switch which the therapist can use if required.

Current produced
The machine has a very low direct current which is produced by either a battery or the main electricity.

The physical...