What are some limitations and advantages of the Doctrine 2015 concept?
Some of the limitations of   Doctrine 2015 concept would be how current is the formation that is published, when or how often will the published information be updated, who will be vetting the information to make sure it fits in the right operational environment. Will all five categories of operational knowledge be updates at the same time or by section? Another limitation could be accessibility to computers or internet connectivity or how much bandwidth speed you would need to down load the documents to view; this would differently create bandwidth problems in a deployed area. Another limitation I would consider is how we are supplying the Soldier with the ability to receive all this information. Would we issue the Soldier a tablet, smart phone, laptop and how would we track the equipment? Would it be at every duty assignment, when they leave the military, how would the Soldier store all the notes or papers they are working on? Just a few issues I would consider. The advantages should be nonstop.   We can get the information to the Soldier easier and much faster than before when had had to order the actual books to have on our shelves. Having the ability to submit corrections, updates or suggestions to upload into the doctrine at a moment’s notice that could save a life is priceless. Having access to all five categories to include the Army Doctrine Publications, Army Doctrine Reference Publications, Field Manuals, Army Techniques Publications, and Digital Applications of operational knowledge readily available, which provides clear, concise and current information to the war fighter in a timely manner, will increase training and waste little time for research. The new younger computer generation of Soldiers with some having little to no combat experience, they do know how to use computers for everything they do and would make it much easier for them to learn doctrine instead of you having to...

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