Sex Discrimination Act 1975 
Sex Discrimination Act 1975 is supported by the Equal Opportunities Commission and I will up hold this by being open to offering a place to male or female children, provide a wide range of toys and activities to accommodate both boys and girls to ensure that all children are treated as individuals and not stereotyped by their sex.

Educational Act 1981
Education Act 1981 recognises 'parent’s rights regarding children’s education and special educational needs. 

I understand and respect the rights of every parent regarding their children’s education, I will endeavour to include every parent in my weekly planning and discuss potential subjects and projects prior to carrying out activities to ensure that the child’ learning is fully supported by caregivers.
I will uphold recognition on special educational needs by ensure all educational opportunities are open to mainstream children and adapted for children with special needs i.e. when playing with building blocks provide magnetic/Velcro blocks as an alternative to encourage self-esteem, giving the child a sense of achievement.

Disability's Act 1995
I will aim to ensure I am flexible in providing an environment, equipment and positive attitude to care for children with disabilities and be prepared to make reasonable adjustments to my property to safeguard the welfare of the child.

Food safety (general food hygiene) regulations 1995
To maintain food safety I will store food correctly by
  * Cover left over foods
  * Keep my fridge and freezer at the correct temperatures ( please see risk assessment)
  * Thoroughly defrost frozen foods
  * Store raw foods at the bottom of the fridge, covered and not touching other food
  * Follow advised on packaging i.e. 'best before' dates and preparation guides
  * Store all food/drink in appropriate containers 
Prepare food correctly by
  * Using colour coded chopping boards
  * Different knives for meat, veg,...