Eymp 4 - 4.3

Areas of difficulty :

Parents not collecting their child on time - getting later and later.

Parents with outstanding fees

Parents with a complaint i.e they claim a child has hit their child

Speaking to a parent about a concern I have about their child (I feel that the child has specific needs, and I worry how they may accept/not accept it).

Parent has been discriminating against another parent (possibly verbally to the other parents).

How are I am going to deal with these? Here are some strategies to deal with areas of difficulty and try to challenge encountered in professional practice in early years settings :

First of all I always go with the policies and procedures and if the complaint is getting too much I refer to the manager.

When speaking to the parents, if they come to me with a concern/complaint -I listen - really listen, even if they start to shout, often they just want to say their piece - then if they have cause to complain or bring something up - I may be able to deal with it there and then and always to speak in a professional manner, I never take it personal, it is a concern/issue. If I am able to resolve it, I do so, if not monitor the situation/deal with the concern, I report back to them if needs be. I always thank them for pointing it out. It doesn't matter how small a concern is - it's important for that child and their parents, and I want to assure to those parents that I take things seriously.

If the concern/situation is unfounded, I speak to the manager. If there has been an incident where a child hits the other child and I was the one to see it and the manager wants me to speak to the parent then I must deal with it (again professionally) and explain why it is not so. I explain sympathetically why children behave the way they do - but don't call any child a liar, they aren't lying, they often believe what they say - after all we spend alot of our time really fairy tales/fables and encourage them to...