UNIT 029
Effective Communication is an essential part of my role. As professionals we need to develop a range of skills to support the children we work with. That is why we need to understand the importance of integrated and multi-agency working. Multi-agency working helps to meet the needs of children, parents, carers and different services. Agencies, teams or professionals and other practitioners will work together to provide the services that a child or their family may need. At Edgbaston Grange Day nursery we offer a variety of services including after school club and child care.
In my setting we help to support working parents by extending the day, by combining early education and childcare e.g. breakfast clubs, after school clubs. By offering these clubs different agencies can work together for the benefit of each child. Some children may have a range of needs and the way that we work together can have a positive impact on their health development learning and wellbeing. In my work setting we respond to the needs of young children and their families by using a holistic approach as this is a very important part of ECM every child matters. The five outcomes of ECM are:
  * Be healthy
  * Stay safe
  * Enjoy and achieve
  * Make a positive contribution
  * Achieve economic well being
Working together helps to improve the child’s out comes for both their learning and development. We share records with other agencies so we can support with their learning e.g. speech and language therapist or other professionals.

Anyone working together be that in a team of two or larger will know that different opinion/ideas is known to be beneficial whether competing in a quiz or professionally. If a child has speech problems it may be more than just mechanical it may be that a child is developmentally behind. So for the child speech and languages therapist (SALT) may be insufficient. It could be their environment. What is their home like? Are their...