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Task 1a-
Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations
Employers Reasonability - To carry out a risk assessment to identify activities which require specialist clothing or equipment and ensure that this is provided to the employee.

Employees Responsibility –   To ensure that they cooperate and wear and use any specialist equipment provided by the employer

Electricity at Work Regulations
Employers Responsibility- to ensure that every piece of electrical equipment in the workplace is tested by a qualified electrician and is correctly labelled with name of the electrician and the date tested. A written record of all the electrical equipment in the salon should be kept and should have a unique serial number with date of purchase.   Electrical equipment should be safety checked every three months by a trained member of staff.
Employees Responsibility- to ensure that any electrical equipment is safe before use and never to use faulty electrical equipment but ensure that all faulty equipment is reported.

Health and Safety at Work Act
Employers Responsibility- it is an employer’s responsibility to protect health, safety and welfare of all their employees and others that use their business. They have a responsivity to ensure that workers are protected from anything that will cause harm and effectively control risks to injury or health. It is the responsibility of the employer to assess risk, give information on risks and consult employees on health and safety issues
Employees Responsibility- employees have a duty to take care of their own health and safety and others affected by their actions at work. They must cooperate with employers to meet legal requirements and attend any health and safety training provided. They have a responsibility to report a hazard as soon as they observe them.
Manual Handling
Employers Responsibility- to carry out a risk assessment were any manual lifting is involved. Employers should train employees in the correct manual...