Extrordinary Animals

The extraordinary animals
The creatures of this planet are not all the same. Some can be slow and boring and other fast exciting. Then the ones with crazy abilities that just blow your mine. Animals can do some extraordinarily things. Some of these animals that can do some extraordinarily things are the Immortal Jellyfish that never dies. The Rhinoceros Beetle with its super strength. Lastly the Mantis shrimps with there killing blow.
The turritopsis nutricula, otherwise known as the hydrozoan jellyfish or the immortal jellyfish , is unique from any other known animal on planet Earth. The jellyfish, originally found in the Caribbean, has the ability to regenerate itself to a more immature state over and over again, making this the only “immortal” animal known today. The reason it is considered immortal is due to the fact that there isn’t thus far any limit to the number of times it can revert back to its youth.The turritopsis nutricula live in plankton in warm waters. The medusa of turritopsis nutricula is bell-shaped, with a maximum diameter of about 4.5 millimeters and is about as tall as it is wide. The stomach is bright red and which is clearly seen through the virtually transparent outer walls. Young specimens, approximately 1 mm in diameter have only eight tentacles, while adult specimens have anywhere from 80 to 90 tentacles. The jellyfish’s main diet consists of plankton and zooplankton.Turritopsis nutricula also has a bottom-living polyp form which consists of stolons that run along the substrate, and upright branches with feeding polyps that can produce medusa buds. For clarity stolons are horizontal connections between organisms. They may be part of the organism, or of its skeleton; typically, animal stolons are external skeletons. The substrate of the turritopsis nutricula is the natural environment in which an organism lives, or the surface or medium on which an organism grows or is attached. With certain attached organisms substrate thus only...