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Toyota Motor Company started 1933 as a division within the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.   The founder of Toyota was Kiichiro Toyoda (1894–1952), the son of Sakichi Toyoda (1867–1930).
      Toyota’s entry strategy in the USA as an international company has to careful planning is essential.   Toyota had to make key decision on cultural, countries competitive markets, and regulations and laws. Complying with the countries regulation is also important.   GM had teamed up with Toyota in joint venture to open a store.   The company also made trade agreement between the USA and Japan. This agreement was to build a $700 million truck plant in Gibson County Indiana with the hope to generate n more friends in political, cultural and economic status. (Toyota goal: Expand in USA, 2012).   The thought of been the number one auto maker was Toyota’s ultimately plan.     As a company that is international, Toyota had to strategize carefully to be accepted into a market that its name and brand was not recognized.   Therefore, for its brands to recognized, the automaker.
    One of the entry market strategy and continued expansion is its continued used car strategy.   The use of campaign for to reach over reached over 5 million people as well as its tagline "The Best New Cars Make the Best Used Cars," in an estimated $5 million-plus national campaign this fall behind its new certified used-car program.   (Toyota sets inaugural used-car strategy, 2012).   This was to target consumers who thought buying a new car was very and expensive and was not able to afford it.   With the campaign and this create idea Toyota was able to maintain it high standard of new automaker. Another strategy was targeting all demographics, which mainly target thirty something age. This kind a car is called Scion is taking direct aim at a sub culture segment affectionately known as "the tuner market." (Scion delivers a new generation of low-priced vehicles, 2012). These are consumers who like to purchase...