Expository Essay

Healthy Eating

      Axia College of Uninersity of Phoenix

      Eating healthy, what does that truly mean? Many people might think that it intakes starving ourselves or even having to consume tasteless food, which it is quite the opposite. There are many different foods that are rather tasty; it is just getting the courage to try something different.   Now a day’s everyone is so used to going to a drive through and ordering some high calorie meal that will leave you hungry again in a couple of hours and with no energy for later. Eating healthier just means eating better for your health. There are many risks that can be reduced by committing to eating healthy. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are just some of the chronic diseases that can be avoided but there are also other major health problems that one would want to avoid. By developing a healthy eating mentality one can change the look and feel of themselves not only internally, but outwardly too. With just a few simple changes consuming in a healthy diet will not be thought of a strict regimen that one must follow, but a healthy lifestyle change for the better.

      With the increase of obesity in the United States among children and adults, everyone is now looking into eating healthier. The scare of doing anything other than just that has people really worried of having major health problems. Not taking the good care of what people are eating can lead into serious and sometimes life threatening health risks. “In the United States today, some dietary patterns are associated with 4 of 10 leading causes of death (coronary heart disease, certain types of cancers, stroke, and type 2 diabetes)” ( Department of Health and Human Services[DHHS], 2000.) However, having a healthful diet can significantly can reduce chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. Additionally, stress is another problem that can be reduced. By simply eating healthier, many of the health problems...