Exploring the Gap Between Icu and Medical Ward Setup


It was Monday my first day at my new area for my clinical rotation, the Intensive Care Unit / Coronary Care Unit. I arrived before 7 in the morning; I went inside the area and found out that there were also 4th year medical students who were on duty that day. I introduced myself to the nurses on duty that I’m one of those who will have my residency practicum for my masters. One of the staff asked me from what school? And I answered I’m from Far Eastern University Morayta. It looks like they were not told about our residency practicum. They just said to me that their head nurse was not yet there and told me to wait for her. I waited for about one and half hour, while waiting I tried to ask one of the nurse if I can browse some of the old charts and she allowed me to do so.   Just to let the time passed while waiting for the head nurse, I devout myself reading and reading old charts and observing the manner how they work inside the ICU. I have observed that the staff nurses were not as accommodating compared to the staff at the medical ward. They were just kept on passing in front of me without saying or asking anything.

Around 8: 30 in the morning, the head nurse arrived. One of the staff told me that their hear nurse was already there and told me to look for her at the extension. That was only the time I found out the area where I was staying is the Coronary Care Unit and there is another extension heading to Intensive Care Unit. In fairness when I entered the ICU, the ambiance changed. One of the staff nurse asked me if I’m a trainee then I told him, “No sir. Practicum po for Masters” and he answered, “ahh okay, from FEU morayta right?” and then another nurse told me that the head nurse is just at the dressing room. The nurses in this station are friendly compared to the station at the CCU. The head nurse came in to me; I greeted her and introduced myself to her. She looks so strict. She gave a...