Exploring How People’S Rights and Responsibilities Are Protected at Work

Unit 02 Assessment –
Exploring how people’s rights and responsibilities are protected at work

Learning Outcome 2.1.1
1. Explain what is meant by ‘equality’ in the UK.
Equality in the UK is about nurturing and promoting the right to be different, to be free from discrimination, and to be valued, have personal choice and self-respect as an individual, with a right to your own values and beliefs.
Learning Outcome 2.2.1/ 2.1.3
a) What is meant by the term ‘equal opportunities’?
This is a term often associated with Human Resources used to describe the measures taken by organisations to ensure fairness in the recruitment process and subsequent employment (or existing employment).   It is fundamentally about addressing representation and balance such as: treating people fairly as individuals, with different abilities and skills, without making stereotypical judgements; offering fair, equal and considerate opportunities to everyone;   to ultimately create a ‘way of life’ where people of all backgrounds and experience feel appreciated and valued; to be well established in public services. This is also about providing people with support so that they can access everything on offer for example someone with a specific disability, whether it is physical or educational (such as dyslexia) will have suitable support so they can function at an appropriate level.
b) Describe what equal opportunities mean for those in employment considering the following (give 1 example of each):
This would mean making the recruitment process fair. This would ensure for example that a post within an organisation was advertised both internally and externally to give both types of candidates the opportunity to apply. Alternatively this could mean adapting the workplace in a suitable manner if there is a lack, for example of ramps, so that someone in a wheelchair can access the building or their place of work.  

This would mean that pay scales were made fair and equal....