Explain Why It Is Important to Promote Appropriate Behaviour and Respect for Others

(a) Explain why it is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others?

The lifelong learning sector offers an array of diverse personal and professional backgrounds evident in adult learners, along with the varied skills and abilities of those learners, which presents a range of challenges for any educator. Appropriate behaviour and respect are cornerstones in creating a positive and supportive adult learning space. Throughout my practice as an arts educator I have always tried to create a level playing field for learning and I want to develop this learning environment. Where appropriate behaviour and respect is established, students will understand their role as active and engaged learners and will be supported in communicating their ideas both by the teacher and, importantly, through mutual respect and peer support.
Such an environment requires both students and the teacher to understand the expectations required of them, for example punctuality, preparation and willingness to learn.   The students can expect the teacher to have prepared an engaging learning activity with all the necessary equipment and materials, while the teacher can expect the students to arrive promptly, to be free from distractions such as mobile phones and to find out more through independent learning. During a recent workshop at the Tate St Ives, I was working with adult students. The students and I were asked to prepare an art project for a public activity. The students had to be on time, I had to have everything in place to be able to start working promptly, and I had to ensure that the students were informed on the context of the work as well as health and safety protocols in order to deliver a successful project. We then had a group debrief and reflected on the day’s events. By promoting appropriate behaviour through advance planning and communication, this was a successful activity in which each student was able to contribute fully on an individual basis and to...