Explain Why Children and Young People's Development May Not Follow the Expected Pattern

Question 3.2
Explain why children and young people's development may not follow the expected pattern
We found that there are external factors and internal factors responsible for the development of the children and young people; however these factors may prevent the development of young children and make them not follow the expected pattern of development.
The external factors are:
  * Poverty and deprivation: if the child is living in a poor environment he won't get enough chances for development there will be limits in resources which will generate stress and negative pressure.
His diet won't be balanced and rich in proteins. The housing won’t be to a good standard, even the quality of play and leisure will be reduced. So the environment in general where there is less opportunities and the family condition (unemployed, chronic disease, stress…) affect negatively the development of children.
Consequently to the poverty and negative situation surrounding the child the education could get affected due to less motivation.
So several aspects of development will not follow the expected path. The School here identifying the areas of need of the child will not only show support but will develop self- esteem and respect in the child in order to create community values and consequently healthy citizenship.
  * Family circumstances: some are positive like moving or having a new baby and other where there is divorce, separation, death… so the child might show signs of grieving, isolation.
Educational establishments can play a big role in the recognising of the nature of the change and will support the child through the change and the adjustment period.
Some bad personal choices like drug, alcohol, sex,   will be responsible of putting the child in an unsafe environment so a good observation of the child detecting signs like: isolation, anger, regression …. Are indicators of emotional instability and cause social difficulties in the absence of a good follow-up....