Explain Why, by 1929, Trotsky's Personality Had Undermined His Position in the Soviet Leadership.

Trotsky was an incredibly proficient Man who, after the death of Lenin, became a clear contender to rule. He was noticeably a profound speechmaker with formidable leadership skills and remained a loyal man to Lenin throughout the civil war and revolutionary years. However there were several aspects of his personality that undermined his position within the soviet leadership of which can be categorized into; Political, Ideological, Economical and personal.
Politically Trotsky was weak and unable to see theoretically beyond how communism worked. Unlike his contenders he failed to construct up any means of support within the party which left him defenceless in party congresses that consisted majorly of Stalin’s loyalists. Trotsky also made himself vulnerable to the charge of being an opportunist as he became capricious in whom he was loyal to and the methods in which he used. For instance, in 1924 Trotsky attacked the growth of party bureaucracy which was interpreted by many as a criticism of Lenin.
Trotsky became a significant leader during the Civil war years creating the Red army and leading the Bolsheviks to victory through ruthlessness and effective use of the economy`s resources at the time. Economically Trotsky was careful with his money and used Russia`s resources to further his cause, particularly during the Civil War years compared to Lenin who had to introduce War communism in effort to save the economy- only to weaken it. However his triumphs during the war years lead many people to believe that Trotsky would use the Red army to take military action when Lenin Died.
Ideologically Trotsky was weak as he was Menshevik and believed in a natural social revolution. Menshevism was a literal take on Marxism and this belief meant within the communist society he was not seen as a purist. He converted to Bolshevism, late, in 1917 and was persistently suspect by ‘old Bolsheviks’.   Trotsky also believed that as a Jew there would be prejudice against him being a...