Explain the Teaching Rold and Responsibilities in Education and Training

1.1 Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training:
Roles as a teacher – Finding out the needs of the students based on individual learning and experience and planning your sessions to accompany these needs. Some students may have taken the same course elsewhere and therefore have previous experience but felt they needed to take it again as didn’t fully learn the subject being taught. I would start by introducing myself to all students and in turn the students introducing themselves to the class and a short summary of what their experience is on the subject being taught and what they are hoping to gain from this. This then gives me information I need to plan the course for each student individually. To make sure learners are on the correct course for their level they will be asked briefly before booking a lesson, for example a one stroke nail art course there is level one and level two, if a student is a complete beginner or hasn’t got the confidence in doing this art I would advise level one, if the student is confident in the art at a basic level and wants to create some more dramatic designs using this skill I would advise level 2. It is the teachers responsibility to make sure the student is on the correct course for their ability.
It is important that the teacher ensures the student achieves their objectives/outcomes so they have a full understanding of the subject being taught. In a class being taught ‘One Stroke Nail Art’ The teacher would engage with the students by doing a demo allowing students to watch, also using facilities such as a white board for referencing. The students would then be seated and go through doing this themselves, the teacher would then in turn go to all students individually guiding them through each step and to answer any questions. This is important to teaching a skill as it’s motivating the students with hands on learning. The teacher can then assess each student and advise where needed. If a student...