Explain the Sequence and Rate of Development from Birth to 19 Years

Stages of Development between Birth and   19 years of age
When a baby is born one of the first things they learn is to lift their head and turn. Their Primary developmental tasks :
Building Trust.
Building security.
Rapid physical development.
Beginnings of   language.
Move from total dependence.
If the needs are not met they can have
Gross delay in motor skills.
Limited vocal and social interaction.
Failure to thrive.
Difficulty distinguishing source of discomfort.

They learn to turn over on their bellies, which will progress to crawling and learning to sit up.
By the end of the first year of birth, they should be able walk by holding furniture, they will take their first few steps independently and be able to point. At the end of the second year they walk alone and run.
At the end of the third year a child of this age will learn to climb and run easily. They will hold a pencil in writing position and be able to turn pages in a book.
By the end of the fourth year they will be going up and down stairs unassisted. They will be able to kick a ball. They will also be able to draw a person with less than four limbs and be able to copy letters.
By the end of the fifth year they will hop, may skip and dress and undress by themselves.
In general, The Toddler years Primary Developmental tasks:
Sense of self.
Functional language.
Work things out.
Follow simple directions.
Psychological separation.
Pride in achievement.
Toilet trained.
Tantrums fear.
They need:
Physical Development
Walks well, goes up and down steps alone, runs, seats self on chair, becoming independent in toileting, uses spoon and fork, imitates circular stroke, turns pages singly, kicks ball, attempts to dress self, builds tower of six cubes.

Emotional Development
Very Self-centered, just beginning a sense of personal identity and belongings, possessive, often negative, often frustrated, no ability to...