Explain the Roles That Time and Temperature Play in the Survival of Multiplication of Bacteria.

Explain the roles that time and temperature play in the survival of multiplication of bacteria.

In the role of time and temperature in the multiplication and survival of bacteria many factors can affect. Bacteria reproduce vegetatively by the process of binary fission. They love High Risk foods which are full of protein, ready to eat such as cooked meats. The generation time varies between species by given the correct conditions This is where one cell splits itself into two and so on and so on.  In optimum conditions this multiplication will take place every 10 to 20 minutes. Potentially this means after a few hours the one bacterium could have reached the thousands and it is unlikely that just one bacteria would have been present so the numbers would be a great deal higher. Food poisoning bacteria are invisible to the naked eye and have no effect on taste or smell of the food, therefore your senses cannot be relied upon.When conditions are favourable i.e. Time, Temperature, Food, Moisture, PH and Oxygen. The process passes threw a succession of phases. These are the Lag phase, Logarithmic phase, Stainer phase and the Decline phase.
Graph showing process of binary fisEsion the phases bacteria multiply.

Bacteria are known to grow mainly in the favourable temperatures of 5C to 63C which is commonly known as the danger zone. Their ideal range is 20 to 50C which is where a common kitchen temperature would be. Most bacteria are killed by heat once they reach a certain point and are held at that heat for a minimum period of time.  The main exception here is spore forming bacteria which are not killed until they reach a higher temperature. In the cold bacteria do not die but grow very slowly, at very low temperatures some bacteria may die but the most will survive and continue to grow once again as the temperature increases to their favourable. Thus it is vital to ensure all food is kept shortest in the danger zone.This is to ensure that the process of binary...