Explain the Roles and Responsiblities in Education and Training

1.1Explain the teaching roles and responsibilities in education and training.

The roles and responsibilities of a teacher in education and training follow certain guidelines and principles which are set out int the teaching and training cycle, and   is made up of 5 processes.

1 Identifying needs:
It it important to find the requirements of the organisation, awarding bodies and their codes of practice. It is important that you identify the needs of your learners so you can design the course to reflect individual needs. This can be done in a in a interview or assessment prior to the start of the course to identify current skills and knowledge in chosen course. This will give all the relevant information to adapt the lesson and floor plan to the number of learners attending. All students will have a different   levels of learning, strengths and weaknesses.
2 Planning and Design
This is the planning of the chosen subject i am preparing to teach. A risk assessment should be carried out to to preform a safe and positive learning environment. Designing a lesson plan is essential for learning to take place and to ensure teaching   runs efficiently and with good time management. To achieve this using relevant resources such as hand outs   and power points. Methods of teaching practical or theory should have back up and a contingency plan with realistic aims.
3 Delivery and facilitation
To deliver/facilitate teaching effectively it is important to communicate in a clear and concise manor and to conform to professional codes of practice, keeping to guidelines and following heath and safety. Keeping up with developments relating to   my chosen subject beauty therapy, is important to help me deliver effectively. Establishing ground rules with students helps promote appropriate behaviour and respect for all.   Maintaining records and   confidentiality must be upheld at all times these include attendance records and assessments. Using a variety of different learning and...