Explain the Roles and Responsibilities of the Early Year’s Practitioner in Relation to the Safeguarding, Protection and Welfare of Children. Consider: • Safeguarding Systems - Common Assessment Framework (Caf), Shared

Understand policies and procedures for the safeguarding, protection and welfare of children.
Explain the roles and responsibilities of the early year’s practitioner in relation to the safeguarding, protection and welfare of children. Consider:
• Safeguarding systems - Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Shared assessment, Team around the child (TAC),
• Following procedures for safeguarding children,
• Media and online safety.
The UK uses many assessment frameworks, one being Common Assessment Framework (CAF). The CAF is incorporated into the Every Child Matters programme. The CAF assessments do not have to be carried out on every child in a setting; they are carried out on children who are showing signs of concern with their family, home or home environment. Its aim is to support early intervention and improve joint working and communication between practitioners. The CAF was developed so that practitioners in all agencies working with children could communicate and work more effectively together. The CAF is for children who have additional needs in one or more of three areas:
1. Their growth and development
2. Additional educational requirements
3. Family and environmental issues and any specific needs of the parent/carer
If any of the above needs are identified by the practitioner, they can record the level of concern and interventions required. The CAF consists of:
• A pre-assessment checklist which helps decide who would benefit from a common assessment
• A process that enables practitioners to undertake a common assessment and then act on the result
• A standard form to record the assessment
• Delivery plan and a review form
• Standing alone (a consent statement)
Usually the CAF is used by practitioners to assess the needs of children or their family. Practitioners are not allowed to devise a CAF without the parents’ permission and other agencies. The CAF has 3 different components which are the child or young person’s development, parent and...