Explain the Functions of Internal Quality Assurance in Learning and Development

Unit 4.1 Explain the functions of Internal quality assurance in learning and development.

Quality assurance can be defined as a system to monitor and evaluate a product or service. (Anne Gravels,2014 p122) Within learning and development we work towards recognised qualifications, a product. We also assess learners performing scenarios in a role needed to fulfil their job specification therefore assessing a service.
I feel that the main role is to is to ensure the internal quality assurance process is followed according to the qualification requirements. This ensures that the qualifications being delivered are credible and will stand up to scrutiny thus ensuring that the employer, learner and public have confidence in the validity of the qualification.
In order to fulfil this role I will need to work closely with the assessors ensuring they are able to fulfil a number of criteria. They need to have the right skills and training to be able to perform their role. In order for this to happen I need to support them by observing their training delivery and assessments providing them with developmental feedback. In doing so I would be able to identify any assessor developmental needs and provide them with the opportunity to do so. If there were any issues or trends throughout the assessors then as I will hold regular standardisation meetings this would be the place where we could discuss the issues and reach a unified decision whereby I can ensure the consistency of their interpretation of the criteria and decision making throughout.
IQA also includes supporting the assessors by organising continuing professional development.
The learning environment ideally should be a safe place with all risks removed. This is not always possible so the IQA needs to be aware of this and during the planning stages of assessment process, if not remove then reduce the risk to an acceptable level. Some activities may be inherently risky such as scenario training involving violence...