Explain the Features of an Environment That Supports Creativity and Creative Learning

Name: Isabel Cassar
Unit: CYPOP 7
CACHE Number: 30303716

3.1 – Explain the features of an environment that supports creativity and creative learning.

For both creativity and creative learning one needs to have a conductive environment. When coming to children being creative they need physical features but not alone one has to also focus on the children`s emotional environment. Children at a young age need to feel that adults are giving them time and permission to explore, to try out new things and master their skills.
Every practitioner and member of staff should have good attitudes as these will help in the building of a creative atmosphere. The work patterns we use are important in helping an environment to have a creative atmosphere.
When working with children , keeping everywhere neat and tidy is not highly important this can reduce in having a creative atmosphere. Children need to make connections between different material and items for them to develop their creativity and at the end of the day to use it. If all resources are stored neatly and in place children cannot use the items and therefore cannot use their imagination and creativity.
Good role models for the children are a must as these will follow what their role model is doing. When children are left to be creative, practitioners should join in with them and do their own creative work, this will inspire the children to have positive attitudes towards creativity as they are seeing their role models doing the same thing.
When working with children one might notice that certain children are more creative than others this is cause they are pushed into being creative from their families, also these children might be seeing people from their family being creative and are inspired.
Children need to be inspired and not let down, so therefore certain phrases that one is not capable to do something should be reduced or not used at all. Cases like this can lead children to believe it is a skill...