Explain the Characteristics of the Different Types of Schools in Relation to Educational Stage(S) and School Governance.

There are different types of academies in operation in England.   An academy school is a state funded school in England which is directly funded by central government, and independent of direct control by the local authority.   Academies are self-governing and are established as non-profit charitable trusts.   Academies may receive support, financially or in kind, from personal or corporate sponsors.   They are exempt from following the national curriculum, but they must meet the same National Curriculum core subject requirements as other state schools and are subject by inspection by Ofsted.

Types of academies
Free schools - are schools that must submit an application to the Department of Education, demonstrating there is a demand for that type of school from parents in that area. They
- Set their own pay and conditions for staff
- Employ teachers without qualified status
- Determine their own admissions arrangements
- Decide upon their own curriculum
- Set the length of terms and school days
- Operate independently of the local authority and outside the local family of schools
Traditional Academies – are existing schools which are underperforming.   They are allocated an academy sponsor who will take over them.   Academy sponsors can be universities, further education colleges, education charities and business sponsors.   The Department for Education “brokers” between academy providers and underperforming schools.
Academy converters – Are usually schools which are already in existence.   These schools are usually high performing schools.   They opt out of Local Authority control to gain independence and autonomy.   The school governing body signs a funding agreement with the government and are independent from the Local Authority.   The school can only convert to an academy by applying to the Department for Education for approval.

Maintained Schools
The majority of state schools are maintained schools.   Maintained means schools are overseen by the...