Explain in Detail How Teaching and Learning Plans Can Be Adapted to Meet the Individual Needs of Learners.

Teaching and learning   plans are a detailed account of what learning students will be undertaken. they allow for differentiation between different learners and gives opportunities to try different teaching methods evaluating the outcome for next time.
Allotting timings to each task allows the tutor to complete the required action within the session but dependent of the learners can lead to activities being achieved in the next session.
Every group of student cohorts have a range of different learning styles and learner requirements, Learning and teaching   plans allow and cater for the main VAK styles and enables the tutor to highlight resources.
In the event of activities not achieving learner understanding of the subject or tasks, the tutor can self evaluate and try different methods next time. this allows for both students and tutor to gain an understanding of needs or support. Success is also measured with regards to new activities and older ones and improvements can be made if necessary in relation to resources or possible timings. As most qualification have a heavy workload to complete in a short period of time the use of teaching plan or scheme of works helps the tutor to plan for following sessions.
Session plans helps to tutor to ensure equality and diversity is maintained and creates a more adequate learning environment for students.

In my particular field of   learning the use of session plans are in the form of action plans and progress reviews. This only highlights progress of the student and action for next time.
By undertaking the A1 and PTLLs qualification I have been able to adapt my practices to try new innovated methods to learning in the workplace.

I have assessed how well these methods have been in helping students understand the requirements for success in the NVQ/QCF   part of their apprenticeship.
Most of the achievements of the student and activities is documented in a plan, review and assess booklet where both the students...