Explain How You Have Reviewed the Range of Groups and Individuals Whose Communication Needs Must Be Addressed in Your Own Job Role

1.1 Explain how you have reviewed the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in your own job role

Communication has a vital purpose whether this is to inform, convey or to serve a purpose. As a team leader I understand that building good relationships with staff, children and young people and health care professionals is an important part of my role. This part of my role has many responsibilities, such as communicating, sharing of information across a wide range of professionals, families and other carers. Being able to communicate effectively has helped to enhance my own learning on how I build trust, mutual respect, and accomplish goals.

All staff have a handover at the beginning of their shifts which is normally given by the senior/team leader on shift, and is where the staff communicate with each other and let other members of staff know of any concerns and other daily events and activities that will be taking place. Everything is documented on the handover log and also handed over verbally and written down in daily records and reports.

I keep myself informed with knowledge by reading individual care plans, reports on each young person and by talking to professionals and experienced staff.   I am required to convey and communicate information to lots of different groups such as doctors, dentists, social workers, health care professionals and psychiatrists which needs to be clear and understandable.
Everyone within the setting has the right to communicate through their chosen method and their choice should be acknowledged and respected by supporting them. In my role I meet regularly with the senior team every fortnight where we discuss all of the young people’s progress and if needs have changed. This helps anyone to raise issues and then update their plans.
I adapt terminology and language to meet each group’s communication ability which can be via email, telephone, face to face. I ensure I give a range of...