Explain How to Support a Child or Youngperson and Their Family When Bullying Is Suspected or Alleged

It is important to not only support the child or young person that is being subject to bullying, the families need support too. Some parents/carers will find it very difficult to hear that their child is a bully or being bullied. It is essential to support the child/young person they need to know that because they are telling someone action will be taken. Staff can support the children/ young   people by-
-Reminding them it is not their fault, they have done nothing wrong
-Listen to what they say, and write down details (What has happened, where, when, who) the more information you have the better it is to investigate
-Believe the child or young person that is confiding in you.
-Reassure them, that everything will be ok and even though it may take time this issue will be resolved. The child needs to know that this will be taken seriously and will not be just forgotten about.
-Allow the child of young person a quiet room, talk away from everyone else. Make sure the child feels comfortable talking to you.   I
-It is also important with all disclosures it should be written down as the child said remember not to put words in the children’s mouths.
It is important when speaking to parents about bullying is to explain carefully what has happened and what is going to happen- What are you going to do to investigate the suspected bullying. Let them explain their feelings to you, and work with them to work out a plan to help the children involved. Also you can direct them to different sites that may help give them information on how to help support their child/young person (Child Line, NSPCC etc) It is really important to remind the families that your priority is to safeguard the children and young people so the situation would be resolved.