Explain How They Ensure That Each Child Is Welcomed and Valued in the Home Based Work Setting

Explain how they ensure that each child is welcomed and valued in the home based work setting

One of the best ways to cope with new situations is to plan ahead as much as possible. When caring for children for the first time, it is important to remember that they could be feeling just like I did   when I started school or a new job for the first time, Just as I could have done certain things to reduce my own concerns , there are things I can do to help a child settle, support the parents and make the change of circumstances easier to deal with.
The first visit is the time to ask questions about the baby, such as their feeding pattern, the way they sleep, what type of nappies are used, the comfort   objects they have.
Older children are more able to understand what is happening, but this does not mean that they will not experience difficulties in adjusting, if possible children should be with friends or children who are willing to include them in their group. listen to their fears and concerns, value and respect what the child has to say.
All children are unique, they have different personalities, needs, interests and abilities, they should be valued and respected for who they are. Children who feel valued will enjoy being in your company and respond positively to you.
An effective way of encouraging children to develop positive attitudes and respect for others is to create a positive learning environment. Toys and resources that reflect the diversity of our society but which are inclusive.