Explain How the Person-Centred Approach Relates to You and Your Use of Counselling Skills

Explain how the person-centred approach relates to you and your use of counselling skills? (200 words)

The person-centred approach perfectly fits my individual beliefs of helping people to help themselves. Within my previous career I have always found helping staff to solve the problems themselves or as a team rather than telling or instructing them has always delivered sustainable results and a happy empowered team who can solve future problems themselves.

When I set up my practice I will be fully focused to help my clients look within themselves to find out the root causes of their individual problems and support them to find the right solutions that works for them within their own life’s.

It is my hope that through the learnt therapies I will be able to provide my clients with a greater understanding of their feelings and behavior and the help I can give them will hopefully lead to the client living a more fulfilled and meaningful life without the need for constant support.

I have always had the ability to put myself in other people’s shoes and I am told I am an excellent listener. I do believe that no one knows what’s best for us than us, we are all unique and all need to find our own way but sometimes we need some help and guidance doing this when it feels too much or when maybe we can’t see a way out. This course and hopefully the following level 5 diploma will really help me hone my therapist skills and give all of the knowledge and skills to best support and guide my clients.