Explain How Social Organisation and Relationships May Affect the Learning Process. (Assignment)

The children in the class or group may have an affect on the learning process.   This may be down to learning abilities, behaviour or relationships within the group.
Behaviour and relationships of peers can have a great affect on the learning process of children.   If there has been an upset or argument during playtime it can normally carry on into the next lesson.   The children who have been involved maybe feeling upset or angry and will often find it hard to concentrate as they are still trying to recover their emotions.
We try to resolve issues straight away when they happen, but sometimes the children need some time to cool down.   If this can be spotted early enough and the teacher informed of the incident, there will be less disruption to the lesson or activity, if the child is given adequate time to calm down.   As a teaching assistant it is often us that deal with these incidents to allow the teacher to continue with the lesson plan.
Some children may not want to answer questions for fear of being wrong, or worried as to what their peers may think of them (this is definitely more prominent in key stage 2).   These children tend to be the ones who don’t put there hands up, or who sit there perfectly trying not to attract any attention to themselves.   They can appear to not be very knowledgeable and may say they don’t know the answer so the teacher can move on to ask somebody else.   As a teaching assistant I would be aware of these children and would try to spend a few minutes during an activity to quietly check the child’s knowledge, as they maybe more inclined to talk quietly one to one.
Some children can be very confident in class   and will do anything to gain attention.   They may be labelled the 'class clown' or 'disruptive'.   This can affect the whole class in their learning as some may find it hard to concentrate and the teacher may have to continuously stop the lesson to speak to this child.   A clear behaviour policy can help towards this, and again, it...