) Explain How Communication Affects Relationships in the Work Setting.

The way we communicate with individuals affects relationships with them. Communication and relationship are closely linked. Without communication there will be no relationship. The most important thing is to treat everyone as an individual with their own preferred method of communication. Making sure I have good communication with the clients in my care is paramount otherwise they may start to feel undervalued. A person-centred approach to communication will involve the individual as far as possible in any decision making. In my work setting most of my clients are non-verbal, so when communicating with them I have to watch their body language, facial expressions and listen to noises they are making to see if they are noises we associate with them being happy or noises we associate with them being sad or if they like/dislike something. Also sometimes asking a question in a different way helps the client to answer in their own way be it body language, facial expression or a noise. When communicating with other colleges I also have to remember that everyone has their own views that could be different to mine so I need to make sure I listen to these and allow them to voice their views without prejudice, also when working I need to share things I may of found out whilst working with service users with other colleges so we are all working together so the service users’ needs a covered, I also need to support my colleges when working for example if they are having a problem with a service user they are working with I should make sure I help them to see if together we can work out what the problem is and how to stop the problem happening again or escalating further.