Explain How Children and Young People'[S Development Is Influenced by a Range of Personal Factors.

The personal factors that affect child development are;
* Sensory impairments;
Which may be sight or hearing impaired and this would affect their ability to develop full social skills, emotional maturity, and even affect their physical development. Children should be encouraged to join in with activities that everyone is doing. The SENCO at the school will ensure that these children can take part.
* Health status;
Children's health is important to their development, because a healthy child is a happy child, but a child who's immune system is compromised, through poor diet or serious illness, may be less able to play activity, they would find it difficult to develop normally.
* Physical disability;
A disabled child may be less able to take part in the same physical activities as other children in their class. This could affect their social interactions in the playground or when doing group activities. It is important to support children with disabilities and include them as much as possible so they don't feel left out or singled out, this will help them develop social skills and emotional maturity.
* Learning difficulties;
Children with learning difficulties need as many opportunities as other children. Children should be provided with support that enables their success. These children would also have an individual education plan, and there is plenty of advice we can get from professionals about the best way to support them.

The external factors that affect child development are;
* Care status
* Prior experiences of education
* Families and changes
* Social and cultural backgrounds
* Economic status.
With good practice and support, schools and nurseries should be able to help with children's challenging personal factors of development.
Children spend around 15 years in school, and their families would often go through a huge number of changes during this time. This could be anything from moving to a new school, to family breakups, to new...