Explain Expectations About Own Work Role as Expressed in Relevant Standards

These standards are proposed to protect the well-being and development of the children. When child cares and parents decides to use these facilities it is essential that they understand and follows these standards, so that they can guarantee safety for the children. In all the types of services like play schools, nurseries and other facilities parents should feel confident that their children are being looked after by adequate persons, within appropriate premises and with the appropriate activities and organizations.
These are the standards that one has to follow.
Suitable persons. The children that are looked after has to be cared by an adequate person who has the required ability and skills of a good carer. The carer has to be trained well to react properly to the needs of the children. She/he has to be of age eighteen or over and with a qualification in this sector. A First Aid certificate, a Police Conduct Certificate and two character referees are needed. In each play school or nursery there has to be a number of carers available. For example, if the children are of age 0 to 12 months there has to be three carers or if the group is mixed (within the group only one child can be under the age of 18 months) there has to be six carers.
Physical Environment, Premises and Equipment. This is very important to abide by, because of the safety of the children. The nursery or school play has to have an appropriate area where the children can engage in both indoor and outdoor activities in which the area has to be at least 20% of space. According to DC2000 (MEPA) they quoted that ground floor “may have up to six steps up or down.” And that even semi-basements can as well be considered provided if they carry out the other necessities, like if they are naturally well-lit and have access to outdoor play area. The outdoor play flooring should be covered with soft flooring. It is essential to have an access for the children with Special Needs, so that they can move at...