Experience in Teamwork

As the curtain started to fall on my college career (I know it’s sad, but it happens to all of us) and I began to narrow down my job choices, one of the defining features that attracted me to consulting was the emphasis placed on teamwork.  Playing sports my entire life helped me understand the value of a team and the importance of working well with others to achieve a higher quality end product.  I knew right away this was something I wanted to experience in the workplace.

I recognized the emphasis Deloitte places on teamwork from my first interactions with the .  The way we were split into teams for case competitions, encouraged to interact with other interviewees at pre-interview networking events, as well as the close camaraderie of existing BA’s  exemplified the cohesiveness and teamwork I was looking for in a company.  A year into my career with Deloitte, I can say with confidence that the various teams I have been a part of have made my time here truly one-of-a-kind. 
My current project team recently hosted an all-hands meeting for over 150 clients as part of our efforts to help them solve their most pressing issues.  Needless to say, being the only Deloitters in a group that large comes with an immense amount of responsibility.  No matter what your level, people expect you to have answers to their questions.  It’s in situations such as these that a team is most important.  Knowing that I can rely on my teammates to support me while facing the client, and vice versa, gives us the confidence we need to be successful. 
On a personal level, the teammates I work with have become some of my closest friends and mentors in my professional life.  We spend a lot of long nights perfecting our work, and it’s important to enjoy each other’s company.  Being the youngest on my team by roughly 10 years, I try to keep the mood light with the occasional story or joke – when appropriate of course!  Everybody has to find a niche on their project team, and as my senior...