Exotic Animals in Newmexico

Exotic Animals
Many people have pets in their homes such as dogs and cats. However, some people want something a bit more exotic and exciting. When a person thinks of exotic animals, what usually comes to mind? Many people think big cats such as tigers, leopards and bears, but there are more than just those particular animals. What are also included in the exotic groups are the reptiles, amphibians, birds, rodents, other large and small mammals. These animals are not the typical domestic pets such as dogs and cats. There needs to be strong laws and regulations in place to control the buying and selling of exotic animals.
The law on owning exotic animals varies from state to state. Some state requires that you have a license or permit well other state just regulate how the exotic animals is taken care of.   Stronger laws need to be in place to regulate exotic animals going to private collections. Currently there are laws in place that do permit for people to own exotic animals and in each state these laws vary on what that person needs to do to acquire exotic animals easily. According to the website bornfreeusa.org, New Mexico’s law on owning exotic animals is it is unlawful for a person to possess non-domesticated felines, primates, crocodiles, alligators, and wolves. I feel that the New Mexico’s law also needs to include all exotic birds, reptiles, and other mammals.
Anyone can go online or to a private breeder to purchase exotic animals without really investigating if that particular exotic animal that they are looking to buy is legal in the state that person lives in. These laws need to be changed and needs a better clarification and stricter guidelines for people wanting to obtain exotic animals for private collections. These laws need to place heavier fines and possible imprisonment for illegal animals imported into the country for private collections.